Are you a senior web developer with lots of experience in Vue.js and interested in a remote, full-time freelance opportunity helping us modernize our website's code using Vue.js? This is a project that we envision spanning 6 months. LoveToKnow owns a fast-growing portfolio of consumer digital media properties that total 30M users per month. We’ve just begun the process of modernizing the code of our namesake website,

This freelance position is full-time for 6 months. You would become a full participant in our team, working with a scrum master, at least two other developers (often three), QA, designer, and product owner. Our team members work in different parts of the world — some in California, others in Barcelona. You’d participate in a brief daily call with our scrum team and also attend 2 longer meetings with the entire team on Monday morning (8:30am PST) and Tuesday morning (8:30am PST). Otherwise we’d want you to be logged in on Slack for any necessary communication throughout the workdays. We use Zoom and Slack for most communication, along with Jira (where we manage the project).

The transition to Vue is a big deal for us and we're excited about the impact it can have. If you are a senior Vue.js developer and are interested in this project, we’d like to speak with you!

For this freelance position here’s what will bring a successful fit:

  1. Solid experience with Vue.js, Nuxt and Node.js and broadly fluent in both javascript and CSS with a good understanding of how they work internally and complement each other.
  2. Proficient in mobile-first and responsive design practices as well as being able to adapt a given design to a variety of content situations and viewport sizes.
  3. Experience problem-solving and debugging client-side code on a wide variety of platforms.
  4. Deep understanding of how web browsers process and render web pages.
  5. Knowledge of software engineering fundamentals, including:
    • object-oriented analysis, design, and programming
    • software design patterns
    • data structures
    • algorithms