Do you get excited by new business ideas and disruptive start-ups? We’re seeking an entrepreneurial Full Stack Developer to be part of an exciting new incubator at LoveToKnow Media called LTK Labs.

This unit will operate autonomously from our other properties but can draw on centralized HR, finance, IT, business leaders, etc as appropriate. Labs teams will enjoy wide flexibility in the selection of appropriate technology, people, and strategies best suited to rapid prototyping, accelerated learning, and finding product/market fit.

After testing dozens of new ideas, you will incubate, grow and scale the technology of successful products as a start-up within the company. This full-time, permanent position is based in our Barcelona office and reports directly to our CTO & Spain Country Manager. Due to immigration reasons, we’re only allowed to accept EU citizens and blue card holders. Please attach an English CV to your application.

About the role:

  • Full-stack web developer who will test, iterate and incubate new startup ideas.
  • Operate within the company’s new R&D unit called LTK Labs.
  • Full-time and based in our Barcelona office reporting directly to the CTO.

Why do you want this job:

  • LoveToKnowMedia brings Silicon Valley to Barcelona. You will be part of a superb team of professionals building one of the fastest growing digital brand names.
  • Work on start-up ideas with the stability and support of a successful company.
  • Work in a premium office in the main shopping district in Barcelona.
  • Receive recognition and rewards for achieving your business goals.
  • Perks include a flexible schedule, friendly office environment, English language courses, professional training, drinks/snacks, and discounts on gym fees and other services.

What you will do:

  • Clearly discern key assumptions of ideas and form testable hypotheses.
  • Develop creative ways to test & measure quickly and cheaply.
  • Operate in hours rather than weeks. Release daily.
  • Architect and implement code and processes.

What do you need to be successful:

  • History of entrepreneurial projects.
  • Fluent in multiple programming languages, such as PHP, Python, javascript frameworks such as vue, Angular, or React…
  • Experience with Mobile Apps, native and otherwise.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Excellent English communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Open, curious, and fast-learning
  • Resourceful, persistent and self-reliant
  • Intelligent, high-energy, and problem solver
  • Hypothesis-focused and data-driven